Work With Us

As an GRASFiN employee, you can do the work you love, be yourself, and make an impact in the lives of millions. Our commitments to diversity and inclusion, team culture and the spaces where we work all reflect our mission to keep commerce human.

Developers at GRASFiN solve some of the most interesting and complex challenges in e-commerce to create the very best user experience. For example, with millions of unstructured listings, improving search & discovery requires developing and applying some of the most innovative applications of machine learning. We ship code early and often using our pioneering continuous deployment system. Engineers primarily code in PHP and JavaScript, but also use Java, Go, and Swift.

Our product teams partner with world-class talent and teams across engineering, design, analytics, seller communications, and marketing to create industry leading experiences. We use data and user research to drive decision making, work to continuously improve our products, and love spending time with our users. We prioritize work that is impactful, measurable, and achievable.

GRASFiN Design is a cross-disciplinary team working together to create an ever-evolving, ever-improving GRASFiN. We use an iterative, human-centered design approach to bring our unique brand and product experience closer to peoples’ lives. As practitioners, we do it all: from designing research studies and writing creative scripts, all the way to pushing code. We embed design leadership and design thinking into what, how, and why we make —helping us build a future where creativity thrives.

When customers need assistance on GRASFiN, we jump in to resolve problems quickly. As the primary touch point for our vibrant community of buyers and sellers, we serve as both the voice of the GRASFiN brand and an important advocate for our community. We monitor the site for items that don’t belong and work to spot suspicious transactions early. It is our job to make sure customers can have confidence in every transaction they make. If you are wholly committed to providing customers with a human, effortless, and trustworthy support experience, you’ll fit right in.

Our People and Workplace teams build an engaged, passionate, and global workforce through the care and nourishment of our people, culture, and organization. We also provide sustainable environments, programs, and services to help our employees do their best work.

GRASFiN Finance encompasses Accounting, Business Development, Financial Planning & Analysis, Internal Audit, Investor Relations, Tax, and Treasury. We’re a critical support partner to the operation of our business, providing important analysis and information to help make business decisions, telling our financial story externally through press releases, investor meetings and public filings, creating a capital structure to support our business’s financial needs, and ensuring our compliance with financial laws and regulations.

Our marketing and communications teams connect GRASFiN with our global community of buyers and sellers. From product marketing and performance to PR and community, these teams attract buyers looking for unique and special goods while helping our sellers build successful creative businesses.