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Find the place that will relax you after a hard day of work and will cover all your needs. Access to work, eat, rest times.

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Inform during the payment that your trip is professional to provide you with the documents so your company covers its expenses.

Feel at home when you are on the road

  • Convenient locations

    Select place with easy access to the workplace, near the restaurant with the best food, and close to the favorite coffee for small moments of respite.

  • Great amenities

    WiFi, parking, additional accessories, spaces equipped with favorite amenities can nullify in your mind the distance from home.

  • Affordable price points

    Choose to cook in your own kitchen if this is a hobby that relaxes you and reduce the cost of accommodation.

We offer employees who travel frequently for conferences and business trips the best options that’s why they trust us.

Thomas Schuster Managing Director @ GRASFiN

Ideal for any type of business trip

  • No matter how long your stay is

    Start your morning in an area that will cheer you up, make you feel comfortable and help you stay focused on your work during your trip.

  • Work and relax like you are at home

    When your choice is inspired the work flows easier for you or your team by giving you the opportunity to work even better, without creating additional stress to you for a short or longer time.

  • Reservations for Several People

    Accommodation adjusted to the needs of reservation for several people cover company - group accommodation in the same house.

Pleasure is not only for holidays

Entries suitable for Business Travel offer all necessary facilities and services.

  • Best reviews

    See users reviews for registered accommodations.

    Prompt respond of our hosts

    Our hosts respond to reservation requests within 24 hours.


    Hosts do not cancel the confirmed booking within 7 days of the arrival date.

    Arrival Without limiting

    The arrival of the registered reservation can be performed 24 hours a day.


    All types of accommodations and entire residences- compartments governed by conditions which include smoking and pets. Find out more from the host.

    Benefits which facilitate visitors

    Facilities for the convenience of the visitors especially professionals such as WiFi, smoke detector and carbon monoxide, essentials items, etc. usually provided by the hosts. Learn more.

We work for you

  • Structures for expense reports

    Define the context of your business trip. Our team will work for you, so that expenses report are detailed and justified in order to facilitate your company to make the compensation / payment of the travel costs.

  • Special services for professionals

    GRASFiN enables direct communication especially to professionals - companies whenever you need immediate assistance.

  • Earn 50 € for travel points

    Get personal travel points worth 50 € for any stay in GRASFiN after you book your first business trip.